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Beauty emerges spontaneously with positive feelings. Satisfaction. Happiness. Hope. Gratitude. Joy. Kindness. Serenity. Enthusiasm. Surprise. Inspiration. Love.

We manufacture high quality ingredients for products which accompany you throughout your day, because we want to beautify your life.

We at KLK OLEO, a world leading oleochemical producer, are strongly committed to supplying sustainable ingredients through our transparent supply chain to the global market. With our technical know-how and an ever growing global presence, we strive to continuously exceed customers’ expectations.

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Our most trusted products and brands

Fatty acid esters


Fatty acids




Tocotrienols (Super Vitamin E)


Isostearic acid


Fatty alcohol ether sulphates


Fatty alcohol sulphates




Ethoxylated fatty alcohols and fatty acids


Sorbitan esters




Phosphate Esters


Ester Quats


We care about Personal Care!

Pieter Vonk

General Manager Specialities

With more of 25 years’ worth of experience in the Oleochemicals field, Pieter has become a pivotal figure within our organisation and leads the specialty business of KLK Emmerich. In his free time he enjoys playing tennis and he likes to test specialties of the culinary type, like fine wines from all over the world. As a native Dutch, he cross fingers for the qualification of his football team to the World Cup 2022.

Martine Dols

Head of Marketing

Martine is kindly heading the marketing department at Kolb. She is fond of branding and market launches of new products. She pleads that every presentation should be perfect. In her free time, she contributes to a project to increase bees’ population.

Hervé Lachaux

Business manager

Hervé has been working at Kolb for 20 years, starting with paper industry, then later joining the surfactants business for home care and personal care. At Kolb, we love to call him “Papa Lachaux” as he has a strong background and deep experience. As a French guy, he could give you some advice about gastronomy, cheese, and wine!

Leonique Sonnemans

Product Manager

One of the newest members of the KLK family, but already more than 25 years at the Delden site. My philosophy is “Think in solutions!”. My hobbies are travelling and crafting. And I love baking and cooking, and also eating… Then I hope to stay healthy by walking, Milon, and using my E-bike to go to work.

Pietro Alfarano

Product Manager

Pietro is a passionate chemist. He keeps a benevolent eye on the product portfolio and takes care that our products satisfy and exceed customer requirements. In his free time, he sharpens his Karate and gets chocked in BJJ. He likes muffins and brownies very much. If you read this text, bring him one!

Tim Sprenger

Business Manager

Tim recently joined our Specialty Chemicals team to promote sales of our Dimer & Isostearic Acids as well as Sorbitan Esters and Polysorbates. In his spare time, he coaches Futsal with a German tradition club and enjoys riding his racing cycle.

Alan McDonald

Key Account Manager

Alan is passionate about selling and works as a Key Account Manager in the KLK Tensachem organization. He brings international experience to his role and a thirst for building business and satisfying customers. He has a deep interest in the French language and is also an avid guitarist. Like Pietro, he has a weakness for sweet things, especially Swiss chocolate!

Pierre-Yves Charoud

Key Account Manager

Pierre-Yves, who aspires to become the godfather of Kolb business with distribution partners, is focused on customer satisfaction and making things happen. No matter where you are located around the world he will find a way to meet your expectations.
He is fond of wood floor as a perfect material to play Squash and practice Afro-Jazz dance. Shake your booty!